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About Soup and Champagne

Soup has been a long Haitian Kreyol tradition that symbolizes Independence, Freedom and Pride. January 1st of every new year celebrates the Independence of Haiti where a popular delicacy known as “Soup Joumou” is often served. The pumpkin based soup is prepared using the nouvelle food style that uses fresh ingredients and light sauces that Haitians take pride in.

With the backdrop of food and celebration of bubbles, Soup and Champagne will usher in 2023 our 4th Annual with grand style and culture for all to share. 

Event History

Soup and Champagne is a partnership event produced by Morhanges Elizee Aka Pooh Bear and Jones Pierre. Collectively, we have produced event across the United States and Haiti. For 2023, we have partnered with City of North Miami Beach and NMB CRA with FPL as our featured sponsor.

Soup Joumou, a long standing Haitian Kreyol tradition that symbolizes Independence, Freedom and Pride. The Haitian New Year’s Day tradition is to have soup joumou or what they also called pumpkin soup as a sign of good luck to start the year of right. On January 1st 1804, is the day revolutionary leader Jean Jacques Dessalines declared Haiti’s independence from its French colonizers The Haitian slaves were not permitted to drink soup joumou as it was a delicacy reserved for their white masters. To celebrate the liberation of the slaves of Haiti the soup then became a symbol of freedom.

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